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Micro Fuel Cells

Aerospace Sensors

 MEMS Cooling


Dr. Luc G. Frechette, ing., Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Microfluidics and Power Microsystems


Microengineering Laboratory for MEMS, director


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Universite de Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, QC Canada, J1K 2R1

E-mail: Luc.Frechette@USherbrooke.ca

Phone: (819) 821-8000 ext. 62799


Resume (pdf)

Research Fellow and Post-Doctoral Researchers


Ahmadreza Tabesh, Ph.D., 2006 (Univ. Toronto)

Project: Microsystems for wind energy harvesting


  A post-doctoral position is current available at the Université de Sherbrooke, please contact Prof. Fréchette to apply.

Professional Staff

   We are currently seeking a research staff with expertise in the design, fabrication, and/or testing of MEMS. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Fréchette to apply

Graduate Research Assistants

  Ronan Larger, Ph.D. candidate

Project: Technologies for SiC MEMS sensors for aerospace applications


  Mokhtar Liamini, Ph.D. candidate

Project: MEMS-based Steam Microturbine for a Rankine power cycle


  Saïd Chady, Ph.D. candidate

Project: Microfabrication of piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting microsystems


  Félix Gauthier, M.Sc. candidate, NSERC Scholar

Project: Fluid mechanics of microscale fluid film bearings


  Philippe Beauchesne-Martel, M.Sc. candidate

Project: Microturbomachinery aerodynamics



Pascal Newby, M.Sc. candidate

Project: Porous silicon processing for thermal insulation



Mathieu Paquin, M.Sc. candidate, NSERC Scholar

Project: Water management in free-convection micro fuel cells



Sébastien Debeaux, M.Sc. candidate

Project: Piezoelectric strain vibration energy harvesting



Selin Arslan, Ph.D. candidate (Columbia Univ.)

Project: Microchannel two-phase flow and heat exchangers



Nathaniel Wilson, Ph.D. candidat (Columbia Univ. / Kulite)

Project: SiC pressure sensor for harsh environments




Graduate research assistant positions are currently available at the Université de Sherbrooke, please contact Prof. Fréchette or apply directly.

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Undergraduate research assistant positions will be available, please contact Prof. Fréchette.

Past researchers and students (partial list)


Dean Modroukas, Ph.D., 2006 (Columbia Univ.)

Project: PEM Micro fuel cells

Currently at ATK-GASL, NY, U.S.A.



Changgu Lee, Ph.D., 2006 (Columbia Univ.)

Project: Microturbopump for a MEMS Rankine cycle

Currently at Columbia University (post-doc)



Matthew McCarthy, Ph.D. 2006 (Columbia Univ.)

Project: Adaptive MEMS cooling

Currently at Univ. of Maryland (post-doc)


  Jean-Philippe Desbiens, ing. jr., B.Ing., M.Sc.A., Professional Staff

Expertise: Excimer laser micromachining, MEMS design

Currently at Center for Advanced Technologies (CTA) Université de Sherbrooke - BRP


  Emmanuelle Gros, M.Sc. 2006, NSERC Industrial Scholar

Project: Heat transfer in metallic foams

Currently at IBM Bromont, QC, Canada.


  Didier Beloin St-Pierre, M.Sc. 2007

Project: Microfabrication of electrodes for PEM micro fuel cells

Currently following a Europeen Renewable Energy program



Pascal Newby, international intern from INSA-Lyon (France)

Project: Porous silicon for microturbines



Simon Laliberté-Riverin, undergraduate intern

Project: Numerical modeling of a viscous micro-pump



David Rancourt, undergraduate intern, NSERC Scholar

Project: Characterization of miniature wind turbines and electromagnetic generators



Mathieu Paquin, undergraduate intern, NSERC Scholar

Project: Micro fuel cells


Université de Sherbrooke - Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

Send mail to Luc.Frechette@USherbrooke.ca with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 2006-07-11