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Micro Fuel Cells

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 MEMS Cooling

MEMS Microturbine fabricated by deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) of silicon and wafer bonding.  A 4 mm diameter rotor, into which thousands of turbine blades are etched, is free to rotate in the assembled chip with the support of fluid film bearings.


In our laboratory, we are developing core technology for miniature heat engines, such as microfabricated turbines, gas lubricated microbearings, and micro heat exchangers.  They are specifically aimed for a micro Rankine vapor power cycle device.  This dime-size device would provide up to 10 Watts / cm2 of electrical power by scavenging waste heat, from solar irradiation or from a small combustor.  The technology development is supported by fundamental studies of fluid flow and heat transfer at small scales, such as the aerodynamics of moderate Reynolds number (10<Re<1000) microturbomachinery, visco-inertial internal flows, and two-phase flow in microchannels.

Research Topics:

bulletGas Lubricated Microbearings
bulletTwo-Phase Flow Micro Heat Exchanger
bulletSystem-level Design and Comparative Studies of Micro Heat Engines

Université de Sherbrooke - Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

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