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Micro Fuel Cells

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 MEMS Cooling

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology is making an increasing impact on our society, both from quality of life and economic perspectives.  In the Microengineering Laboratory for MEMS, we are developing systems, technology, and underlying science to support this impact.

Research Focus: Power MEMS and Microfluidics

Our research activities revolve around microfluidic, energetic, and thermal microfabricated systems, or Power MEMS.  They includes the development of micro power sources such as dime-size microturbines and micro fuel cells, but also sensors and actuators for aerospace applications.  Fundamental analytical and experimental studies of fluid mechanical and thermal phenomena at small scales are also pursued to advance the knowledge based required to develop these microsystems.

Open research projects (Masters and/or Doctoral)

Contact Information

Interested in contributing to this effort?  Want to learn more on Power MEMS? Contact Dr. Luc Frechette for more information. Graduate research assistant and post-doctoral research positions are currently available in our group and potential candidates are encouraged to apply. 

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