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Micro Fuel Cells

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Silicon microfabricated gas diffusion layer and current collector for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells, replacing traditional carbon based cloths and papers with higher functionality for liquid water management and gas-phase mass transport. 

Using photolithographic patterning and etching, we are developing miniature proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) operating on hydrogen-air. MEMS technology allows us to re-invent and optimize the fuel cell configuration, such as the flow paths, gas diffusion layers, and the device assembly. Future interests also include optimize the electro-catalyst structures using nanotechnology.

Research Topics:

bulletStudies of mass transport in idealized gas diffusion media and electrocatalyst layers
bulletOptimization of microfabricated flow paths and gas diffusion layers
bulletDevelopment of MEMS-based fuel cell systems tailored for Watt-level portable applications

Université de Sherbrooke - Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

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Last modified: 2006-07-11