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Aerospace Sensors

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Silicon carbide shear stress sensor chip with insert showing the 100x100 microns sensing pad


Sensors have been one of the most successful applications for MEMS technology, as illustrated by the broad use of MEMS pressure sensors and accelerometers in the automotive industry. We wish to enable a similar pervasiveness in the aerospace industry by developing technologies and devices that meet the stringent requirements and harsh environments characteristic to aerospace applications.

Our approach is to partner with aerospace companies to jointly develop solutions to meet their specific needs. We are currently developing a silicon carbide pressure sensor with Kulite Semiconductor Products (Leonia, NJ), and a silicon carbide shear sensor with ATK GASL (Long Island, NY). We are also developing novel microfabrication and packaging processes for high temperature devices.

Potential industrial collaborators should contact Prof. Frechette for more information.

Research Topics:

bulletSurface micromachined silicon carbide shear stress sensor for high speed flows, with shear level from 10 to 10,000 Pa
bulletHigh temperature silicon carbide pressure sensor
bulletLaser micromachining of silicon carbide
bulletHigh temperature through wafer interconnects for harsh environments

Université de Sherbrooke - Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

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